About Us


Our dream was to open a “different” type of restaurant, capable of mirroring our taste and personalities. Delightful, refined but not exclusive: it is always welcoming. We imagined a pleasant, eclectic place that can be experienced in diverse ways throughout the day. This is how we see Distreat today: a “district” where one can eat well, feel good, meet people and discover new flavors in an unusual and peaceful environment. It is perhaps what Milan was missing: someplace accessible to all. 

From 8.30 in the morning to 2.00 at night, Distreat’s doors remain open as we continue to cultivate our dream. 


We simply call it “Cucina all’Italiana”, because we transform excellent local products with the techniques and insights learned in our homes, from an early age. We always start from something simple that we love so we can reinvent its perspective without ever betraying its original qualities. Seeking out raw materials is one of our specialties: we select the best, with attention to sustainability and the cycle of seasons. In the kitchen we are committed to making each dish reflect our experience and our taste, using our intiution and creativity. In all combinations of flavours, we strive to emphasize the one detail that will create an emotion and become a memory. For you and for us. 


Andrea Tirelli
Federico Sordo
Davide Aru
Guido Dossena
Gabriel Urgese 


Distreat overlooks Naviglio Pavese and is intertwined with Altavia: an international communication agency strongly attached in the city of Milan. “Altavia Open”  is the result of this meeting point: a garden, a restaurant, an art gallery, a square where concerts, events and other cultural manifestations are often staged and open to the public. We recently started NA.PA. (Naviglio Pavese) with great enthusiasm: a project that gathers together leading restaurateurs and shopkeepers with the aim of relaunching the area. We are more than happy to take an active part in the project for the transformation of the neighbourhood.. 


They are an essential part of our work. They are small producers, sometimes little known; many are local, others are from different regions. We seek and select them based on the quality of their products and according to values that marry ours: environmental sustainability, traceability and respect of workers’ rights.